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  • Moving a house

    Our house is right on the boundry (with about 40cm or less to spare). We want to do renovations however if we change anything along that side of the house like windows etc we will need a resource consent plus neighbours consent plus all the fire retardant glass etc.

    We have thought about moving the house over a meter (plenty of space on the other side!) using somebody like Britten removals and the costings will work for us. This would negate us getting consent from neighbours etc and give us much better control over the reno's we want to make.

    Question is has anybody done this before and was it pretty straight forward ?

    The house is at least 100 years old but has been repiled in the last 20 years.

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    Yep- We've done it- Moved our house 4m one way and 1m another. Intergated it with repiling and a renovation, but it "created" a heap of useful north facing land and eliminated the cold south facing stuff. Cost effective in my eyes being around $27k 3 years ago.