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How difficult to add an additional bathroom in a 3Bedroom house

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  • How difficult to add an additional bathroom in a 3Bedroom house

    Hi there

    I am looking for a 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom house but I find that only 1/3 properties on sale in entire NZ including Wellington have more then 1 bathroom

    So I am practically leaving out 2/3 potential houses

    i will be buying a house of about 150 SQM

    I know what I am asking is very difficult to answer without any more details of the layout of the house, but As we have many members who regularly buy houses and improve them maybe they can share some of their experience

    Thanks for advising

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    This is impossible to answer. You need a builder to come up with layouts and a builder to help you price them up
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      iy will cost this much $,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.00


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        I'm guessing from your post you're looking for a PPOR not an investment?

        if so you could find a 4br 1bath with the layout you need then convert to 3 br with walk in robe and ensuite - this will make sure you're not making a tiny bathroom or cutting down on living space in a 3br house. the addition is relatively easy if you have the right layout... Including plumbing near the location of your new bathroom.

        depending on your own ability to do any of the work yourself and quality of fixtures etc I'd budget $20k -$35k for this work.

        the right layout property is critical to keeping costs down.


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          Hi DBTH

          Thanks for the information.

          i can't do anything myself and would have to get the entire work done through contractors
          I can buy the major ticket items and give him, if that reduces the overall cost.

          i am not looking for anything fancy. A standard bathroom you would find in a new home nowadays.

          What figure should I be looking for including designing, council permissions and fees etc.
          Also can it be done while I am living in the house ?
          is it very messy ?

          Thanks for advising
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            Like everyone says, this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question.

            From my experience of doing this (once), the main thing which drives up cost is putting in new plumbing. When we did this the only place to put the bathroom was down the end of the house which had no plumbing or drainage, and had concrete floors. I estimate this added something like $25k to the final cost (it was worth it). Whereas if your new bathroom is right next to the existing bathroom, or the pipes go underneath it already, it should be a lot cheaper, providing there is underfloor access. Bear in mind the council will probably not let you establish a second connection to the sewers or mains, even if this would be way more convenient than connecting to the existing system. Also be aware that if the house is downhill from the sewer line this will be a whole extra hassle (this also applies to the existing bathroom to some extent).

            Another cost if you are altering an existing room is you will probably have to have the wall lining stripped out and replaced with something designed for a wet area. Tiles (floor or ceiling) are also expensive but vinyl flooring (basically lino) is surprisingly cheap - from memory we got it done for about $100 per square meter. If the existing window is clear glass you will probably want to replace it with frosted (no idea how much this costs). Also make sure you get a good extractor fan.

            You will need a consent - how much this costs differs from place to place. If you have professionals doing it for you, you shouldn't have any problems but it takes ages.

            You can definitely do this while you are living in the house, particularly if the tradies can come and go without tramping through the entire house. Since the work will presumably be contained in one room I wouldn't expect any problems beyond dust getting into other parts of the house, vans in the driveway etc. They shouldn't need to turn the water off very often, or for long.


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              Absolute minimum 20 unless you fluke something amazingly well set up already, and if you do it high spec or need lots of plumbing moved etc could double that.


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                If you can get a property under contract for a few days it should be possible to have a builder guesstimate it for you. If it's tender or auction then they may be less keen, you could just pay someone for a couple of hrs of their time to go through it with you at the worst case.
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                  Make that part of the due diligence and ask the building inspector to check out the drains etc with that in mind. If you can put in the new bathroom close to the current drains then you can do it for 10-20k depending on labour costs.