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Addition/Alteration to standalone townhouse

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  • Addition/Alteration to standalone townhouse

    I am looking to add a bath/toilet and possibly a pantry (if space allows) with it's own exit to an existing room at ground floor of a STANDALONE townhouse. Once the bath/toilet and pantry added then a new wall need to be erected.

    Yes, the idea is to rent out in full privacy

    1) Anyone has done such?
    2) Any recommended builders, house reno/alteration companies?
    3) Rough estimation? Just looking to basic/standard bath/toilet/pantry
    4) Rough estimation on resource or consents $$? Architect cost? anything else?
    5) Do not have floor plans. Where can I get it from. Or how much to draw one?

    Thanks in advance for your inputs.
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    Where is it? Is it freehold?
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      Mangere Auckland...yes freehold


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        The process is:
        1. Find a builder (I invest in Wellington so can't help sorry) and architect, get quotes. Go through the PIA if you don't know anyone?
        2. Architect does drawings, you can review with builder for costs then. You don't need floor plans, the architect can measure up
        3. Submit to council and get consent
        4. Builder and subbies do their thing and council signs off
        5. Start to rent out

        Costs, I don't know some of these, such as adding a door to the outside because that might require strengthening. A small bathroom and toilet should be < $10K including ventilation. Connecting the plumbing to services can be a big variable particulalry if it's far from your current plumbing end points. An internal wall and door < $5K? Fireproofing I don't know. Assume you're also removing existing stairs and door between the two levels or will you just lock it off? If it's still there then you may not need fire-proofing because it's just sub-letting a room (confirm!). Will you meter water and power separately? That will need to be worked in.
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          Thanks for the prompt reply Nick..really appreciate it

          What is PIA?

          Just planning to lock down the existing door.If not in use then we can access from internally still. Yes just letting the room out. Power n water wud be shared or at fixed rate

          Will get an architect and builder to come and have a look in 2 weeks time and will report back


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            Don't get an architect get a decent draughtsman, will save you money. Many builders have in-house people who will do plans, cheaper still.


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              Fair point. You do want someone who will make suggestions as oppose to take what you think of as the best idea and draw it up, so if you go too cheap you may wind up with an order taker. My guy both times has changed plans for the better. Your project does seem a lot more simple however. When you go through it with a builder show them where the upstairs bathroom is because that will impact on costs more than many other aspects. Good luck, let me know how you get on.
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                i have done some drawings on what I am intending to do....strangely finding it very hard to upload the pics or link. Cant find the album menu in my profile ...anyone can pls guide me

                thank you very much


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                  approached fair a bit of builders found in google...many replied saying the job is too small and not keen....hmmm