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Inner wall got wet, what to do now?

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  • Inner wall got wet, what to do now?


    Longtime lurker here, but now I think I have a problem and no idea what to do about it.
    About 3 weeks ago we got some heavy rain and in shock found water pouring out the window frame in the bathroom. This lasted for about a minute or 2 and the first time this happened. I think the gutters got flooded and water came in from the flooded gutters and into the wall. I just cleaned it up and though it will dry out and nothing else we can do really.
    But now the wall smells really bad, like wet towels that has been sitting for days. So I think the insulation in the wall is also wet and it is not drying, and this is on a side of the house that does not get sun in the winter.
    This is a brick house by the way.

    Does anyone know what I can do about this? If the wall won't dry it will get moldy and would like to prevent that (if not too late).

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    Sorry this does not solve your problem but did you contact your insurance company? Sudden downpour I would think is an insurance issue and leave it up to them to sort. Also make sure that your gutters are clear of debris. You may have to take the wall cladding off and take the insulation out or try heaters in the bathroom.



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      Yes ask the insurance.
      I suspect you will have to remove the wall lining to sort this.
      Not a big job really but it is a job!


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        If you pull the linings off which is what I would probably do i would make sure there is a decent overflow for the internal gutter if that is what is causing it. Its a classic for old buildings. You may be able to do it from the outside but these gutters are not built to cope with the heavy rainfalls that are becoming more and more common.