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Un-consented splitting of house

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  • Un-consented splitting of house

    I'm looking at a 6 bedroom house that has been split into 2 areas by removing a door.
    Both kitchen areas are consented but the dividing into two areas is not.
    Likewise there is no fire wall between the 2 areas.
    It's possible to reinstated easily, they have done an average job of patching up the hole.
    What problems could I have with this split?
    Council, order to return to consented layout? simple fix.
    Insurance, possibly no cover.
    Anything else?

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    When I looked at two income dwelling without the correct consents, insurance company said would take my money but would not pay out in the event of a fire. Once I passed that on to the bank, they would not approve finance. Thus the deal fell through.

    Could you get it cheep, reinstate to council plans and then rent to an extended family?
    The Son of Glenn


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      Don't know about getting it cheap.
      It would be easy to reinstate. Just needs a doorway framed up. Downside is loosing an additional bedroom as it would become a through fare from one end of the house to the other. The numbers don't add up for a five bedroom house. Both areas are too large to easily break up into a minor dwelling.