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<10m2 move on room - Grey Lynn

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  • <10m2 move on room - Grey Lynn

    Hi there,
    I am starting to research adding a less than 10m2 unit/room/granny flat (whatever you call it) onto my section in Grey Lynn. It will not have any power/water, just a bedroom. I have set up meeting with council to understand building/resource consent implications, as from my research I think I will need both as;
    - it is an extremely small 170m2 section with 72m2 current house
    - surveying to flatten section is required and also a retaining wall will be needed
    - the unit I intend to add will not meet the envelope requirements and possibly site coverage infringements
    - site is a corner section so I hope this might help in some way
    - the unit will be a prefab built unit which meets all building codes etc

    1) Has anyone faced similar issues completing a similar exercise in central auckland?

    2) Would a building consent exemption likely be granted in this particular case? What would impact the outcome of this from councils point of view?

    3) I have looked on the council web page and am struggling to understand what resource consents will be required to add the unit? Building consent seems more clear - does anyone have some advice on this??

    Appreciate any assistance prior to my arranged meeting with council!


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    Why would you go to all of that trouble to build your sleepout and not power it?
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      did you think about renting a cabin?
      like these:

      you can't build secondary unit (minor dwelling) in central Auckland.,
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        Hi Orkibi - yes I am looking buy form rentZone. Why can't you build unit in central auckland? Would there be any issues in moving a prefab unit onto my property?
        Power can easily be added through extension cord, but not fixed line and only if consents allow etc.


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          Talk to Auckland council they will tell you why..,
          If the site is subdividable then another house \ unit should be ok.
          But it's going up cost you...
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            it is a sleepout not a MD

            you dont need building consent if under 20m2 and as far from boundary as it is high. You dont nee exemption you have one of right under schedule 1

            You dont need resource consent if allowed under distrct plan.
            So; as long as not another dwelling (MD) then you should only be bound by site coverage and hieght in relation to boudary and building in yards and other rules. Planner should 'help" you with that. But dont say granny or MD. This will cause trouble.

            And I agree why not power? How is it to be light and heated?


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              John the builder - thanks for this very helpful as confirms a couple of the things I have researched myself to date. I take it from your name you know a bit about this kind of thing..

              I didn't get your comment above referring to building code I assume " You dont nee exemption you have one of right under schedule 1"??

              Is anyone able to help me distinguish between between building vs resource consent on the following points which have been identified (Have added my best GUESS);
              - sleep out must be no less than structures height from boundary/existing house (BUILDING CONSENT) - i will be pushing this rule very close and may need exemption or approval from council
              - site coverage ratio rule (RESOURCE CONSENT) - i think i will break this rule under current plan but need to check
              - Anything else I need to consider before my meeting with council??

              FYI - yes it will be powered via an extension plug-in cord. But no fixed line power etc if that makes sense.

              Cheers - learning lots here


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                why not fixed line electrical this is safer? and nothing unlawful? Extersion lead sounds shonkt?

                Schedule 1 allows a whole lot of building work that can be done without the need for building consent and includes clause 3 a 10m2 sleepout if it does not have cooking facilities is used in connection with a dwelling (under same tenancy). It must be further than its height from boundary or to another building. If it isnt far enough away it needs a consent.

                if you want to then plumb it then this needs consent

                Resource consent is under the district plan and this determines how a building is used and how it affects others neighbours so there are rules to satisfy. If you break a rule you need a resource consent.


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                  Ok thanks John - I have read the Schedule 1 you refer to. There was a great summary for sleepouts (which I am aiming to achieve, no water/cooking etcetc).

                  If it is all given the OK by council then I will definitly pay to get fixed electricity line. I just assumed this would require more consents or something..

                  Are a lot of people in central Auckland investigating this type of thing now? I live overseas and would expect these to really start popping up in central Auckland (maybe they already are)?!

                  The motive for me is to turn my neg geared house slightly more cashflow positive with this sleepout addition in a sought after area. All under same tenancy and with access to house as you mentioned above