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  • New parking platform

    Odd question: if I have a house that is hard to put parking space onto (on a hill) but there is a house across the street that has space to put a platform off to put on an extra garage (very narrow street, so the garage would be very close to the house access point), if I buy the house across the street can I put a new garage on but put an easement on that property so that house #1 is the owner and has use rights of said garage? Does that make any sense?

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    Not sure about the easement but I can tell you what happened to my house. It was before I bought it and there are a lot more rules now so no idea whether this would still be feasible.

    The original owner of my house A bought the house next door B, then subdivided off space for a garage, got this legally attached to A, then sold B.

    Quite a few years later the owner of house B bought 'my' house A, got the garage space converted back to be part of his property B. Then sold A.

    House B owner was a lawyer so that would have helped with the cost. (He told me all the history.)

    One other thing, not relevant but quite funny. As owner B was leaving A with no garage, he got the council to designate a few metres of lane as a public road so that A could legally drive on to a car pad in front of house A.


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      Gold!! So it's really a lawyer I need to speak to. The houses are actually across the road from each other, and the house I want to put the garage/parking space on has already got an extra vehichle crossing (unused) for some reason, so physically it wouldn't be too difficult (compared to all the other options when building on a hill)


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        Wouldn't it be simpler to buy the house over the road, put up your garage and keep it as a rental? If you ever sell up your place, can put the house over the road up for sale as well with two garages. The new owner of yours could rent the second garage maybe.