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Asbestos roof replacement

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  • Asbestos roof replacement

    Hi everyone,

    Right now we are looking at a property to purchase. It's run down, but that's exactly what we want. Biggest concern we are starting with is the asbestos roof. Not only is it a major turn off for future purchasers, it's also leaking in various places. So it needs replacing. No interest in keeping it and treating it.

    Has anyone here had an asbestos roof replaced, if so, rough costings for your particular job would be great. I'm in the process of emailing every roofing company that deals with asbestos re-roofing right now, that's in our area. I'm trying to arm myself with all of the information I can get at this stage.

    Good chance the inside has it as well, but that will be dealt with accordingly after we have the roof quote in to see if this will be a viable project and what numbers need to be worked with to make a potential offer.

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    Hi Mantaray,
    The Government has new legislation coming out for asbestos in houses in a couple of months.
    I hope the link above works if not type in the details as I'm sure it will contain info that will be useful to you.

    Cheers Brian


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      Thanks for that link, Brian. Very good to know on any and all updates on legislation. This looks like a tighten up of asbestos removal, which will no doubt increase costs.

      Appreciate the post.



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        Get a full building inspection done and speak with a builder about the process and costs to do a full cleanup. It's a lot more involved nowadays I am told.
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          Thanks, Nick. I'm aware of the process of having it done with regards to process/removal etc, it's just the cost which is harder to gauge now.

          We purchased a building inspection report from the last purchaser who the property fell through with for less than half of new cost to avoid going into an initial contract as we knew this place was problematic.

          To add, love the iFindProperty site you run. I check it every other day and feel it's going to be of use to us sometime soon!


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            For future information if people are searching the forums:

            140m2 house gable to gable 15 degree pitch we are looking at around 13000+gst and in some quotes +2k scaffold for removal of asbestos roof, replacement with coloursteel and new purlins. This is rough so allowing 20k for contingency would be wise in our case.


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              That seems very reasonable, I just paid $15K for a new roof on a bigger house. Are there no council fees to check the removal process etc?

              And thanks very much for the nice comment about our website :-) When you're ready to go with us please email me directly and I'll see you right.
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