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Nailing boards to my pole house

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  • Nailing boards to my pole house


    I have a house that's raised up on poles at one end, which is open to the elements, which I'd like to close in.

    I've been quoted $87,000 to have a garage built there, which is a lot considering I bought the whole house for $311,000 just 2 years ago and it's just for my car, some tools and my weights.

    I'm thinking of my options and something I could do myself, is nail some wood (probably decking timber) on the poles to enclose the area and be done with it and I'm wondering if I would need building consent for this?
    There will be no structural work, no removal of any bracing, simply nailing the boards up and stapling some plastic on the inside for an attempt at a bit of weather proofing.
    No electrical or plumbing work, etc.

    I could just go ahead and do this, it's not like the council would know, but I'm not too keen on that.

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    I'd just do it. If you're concerned about whether you need a consent get a copy of your council file and see if there are building consent drawings showing bare poles with no cladding - if it does show bare poles then the worst thing that can happen is when you sell your house the person who buys it might add a condition that you get a code compliance certificate or a certificate of acceptance for the work. (Refuse, they'll buy it anyway)


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      I'm thinking about getting the concrete floor and block wall/retaining wall and just doing the boards on the side, when time comes to sell up years from now, probably 10+ I can just pull down the boards if it's a problem.

      It'll only cost $35k this way and will give me the benefits of a fully built garage in the meantime.


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        if yoiu dig in around the polesyou need to consider whether this compromises the depth they are designed to be in the grounde wghich is considerable.

        you can build a bridge or a deack that would seem to be what you are suggesting that is up to 1.5.m from the ground so this might allow a timber platform asyou descrobe

        if the ground rises up from where the car is then dig in even if a retaining wall is required this can be up to 1.5 high (as long as thereis no surcharge?)

        digging in and creating a batter for the ground is possible but you need to consider those poles that may be exposed.
        The cladding to provide protection sounds like it wouldn't need consent as it is not contributing to dwelling compliance
        Whether under a consent or not you need to comply with the building code and the work must not make the dwelling compliance worse than it is.

        Consult an engineer to recommend the right approach but yes do it your self sounds a good option

        dont be frightened of a minor building consent for this work but if as described no consent is required.


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          Thanks John.

          I've decided to do half the build, the concrete floor and block wall/retaining wall at the back, leaving 3 walls which I'll nail some boards up on the poles to close in.

          The question now is, I have consent for the full garage build, do I have consent to do half the work? I hope I do, but that would be too easy, the council will probably say no.

          Ofcourse I can just say I ran out of money to them, but I have to get a bank loan first and they'll know I'm not doing the full work.


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            you never said you had consent!

            you have 12 mths to start the consented worki and 2 years after which the council have to issue the CCC (or agree with owner some date in the future when the CCC is again considered (or another date agreed)....... The cant make you finish.(as ling as not dangerous or insanitary)

            Dont make excuses you are entitled to do what you want.

            At the end of two years you could amend the consent to leave out what you havent done and get the CCC issued for what is. Dont forget inspections for what you do This isnt Restricted Building work so may not need LBP?


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              Oops, I wrote my first post at working during a break and rushed it, so forgot to mention the consent for the full build.

              Thanks for putting me at ease about this, when I got the $87k quote it was a huge shock, I couldn't go ahead with that, but I can afford the $35k work, which is really what I wanted to begin with.


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                was it issued as RBW?


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                  The letter I got telling me to pick up the consent says RBW-RES02