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sub division of property

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  • sub division of property

    We have a property of a bit over 4,300m2. Our local council is Tararua. The property is flat and rectangle in shape.

    Aproximately how much would it cost to sub divide a bit less then half off? This would be the front half so either need to allow for a drive way to the back or an easement. What is the relative merit of either?

    Any other suggestions?

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    Get a surveyor to do a feasibility study mate. If you'd like to diy go speak with the council but a surveyor will be able to advise on infra and engineering on the two new sites.
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      If you are going to subdivide a bit off include a drive for the back rather than an easement.


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        Originally posted by Wayne View Post
        If you are going to subdivide a bit off include a drive for the back rather than an easement.
        Agreed. That's the way I am leaning...


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          Sections with their own driveway are always more attractive to the buyer (no ROW issues with neighbours) and so have more value. Check with Council planner first that you can subdivide (meets the zoning and district plan requirements, and the minimum lot size for the zone).
          A planning consultant can give you a basic quote of costs including Council costs.
          Watch things like connections to services and other things you may not consider, i.e. cost of filling in of old septic tank situated on subdivided lot; removal of old shed on subdivided lot has asbestos; water service line to original lot will run under new house site and needs to be moved; power to new lot may need upgrade to power on street. These things can add up.


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            Thanks for the feedback everyone.

            Very useful points thanks RollingCloud - I didn't think of all of those.

            This is just one possibility we are considering.