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adding a room in the garage

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  • adding a room in the garage


    i was wondering if i need to get a building consent or anything else to add a room in my garage. I want to make it a separate room so it isn't with all the tools and the car as it would probably be used for storage, hobby room or a office space.
    it will not be used for sleeping, and what i have read so far tells me that i need consent to change a garage into a habitable dwelling for sleeping and such as that is changing the purpose of the building.
    it will still mainly be a garage with workbenches in it.

    just wanted some advice

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    If it's just a new wall and you're not touching and structural elements then no. A new workshop / office room is fine.


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      Depends on the changes your making and what you will end up with - you can ring and just ask council that's easiest


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        What have you read?
        change of use is now defined by Change of use regulations 2005

        It then becomes an issue of what work you want to do
        you can even turn it into a bedroom if you like without consent if you wish.
        Schedule 1 of Building Act applies. You can add partitions and windows and doors but be careful internal loadbearing walls and fire separations if a boundary..............
        it is not a change of use if part of the same dwelling (even if a detached garage) and as an alteration s112 is a guide so the garage doesn't need upgrading if you dont want to.
        It needs to be safe and sanitary.

        I dont know about asking council (or at least relying on that opinion) as that would depend on who you talked to. They often have their own ideas on what the building Act says
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