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Garage repair/replacement suggestions

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  • Garage repair/replacement suggestions

    Hi guys, I'm a PT virgin so please go easy on me

    I was wondering if I could call on some PT veterans for some suggestions concerning my garage.

    I have an old school Skyline double garage with a sleepout attached to the rear, which was constructed sometime after the construction of the garage and is in pretty good condition. The sleepout is taller than the garage.

    The first issue is that garage floor has well passed it's use by date. Being an old garage, the frames sit on concrete piles and concrete has been poured around them. Over time, the unreinforced concrete has cracked and chipped in a million and one places and has also sunk in many places.

    The second issue is that there is insufficient headroom to install a normal sized automatic sectional door (apparently automatic tilt doors are fine but as I will be needing new doors anyway I would rather replace with sectional).

    I have spoken to Skyline and they have advised that there is no way to replace the floor without removing the entire garage and therefore I might as well build a new garage? Surely this cannot be right?

    My brave neighbour has suggested that I jack up the entire garage (detaching it from the sleepout first of course), redo the floor and build up the studs so that the garage will sit at the same height as the sleepout. This will create enough headroom to install a new automatic sectional door.

    What are your guys' views on this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Skyline garages are quite light structures. I would have thought it wouldn't be a lot of work to dismantle, fix the floor and reinstate. Jacking would require a lot of additional stiffening as well as being a specialist job.


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      unhitch get a football team to lift it out of the way or crane ......do the floor and replace in same position Concrete nibs/blocks around perimeter might solve the head ht problem


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        I did same with my shed at home jacked it up put piles and bearers around the perimeter and droped it back onto that and poured slab later