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Painting over old hardiglaze?

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  • Painting over old hardiglaze?


    New here, but looking for advice. Just purchased a wee flat in Chch, with a rather horrid 1970s bathroom. The walls are similar to Hardiglaze - apricot swirl pattern. The bathroom is quite large and I need to find a way to update it while on a very small budget.

    New hardiglaze sheets are between $130 and $200 per sheet - and I would need a lot of them, so what I would like to know is, given that they are in good condition, can I paint over them? And what would I have to do to them to make the paint stick? I am guessing more than just a deglazing scrub...




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    You can get a under coat that you can paint on. It is designed to stick to varnish and most surfaces that are very shiny.
    I would say that the wall linings you have will be seratone.


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      Hi Alice, welcome. If the product you describe was put up in the 70's it may not be hardiglaze. Put a scratch in the product deep enough to go through the top layer into the back layer. Choose an area not openly visible. If the back layer is brown it will be either seratone or an alternative product from that time riotone, both patractically the same just in that they have a hardboard backing. Hardiglaze has a grey cement board backing. No sure if the product makes much difference to the final out come, but it would certainly help if looking for professional help.
      In situations like this I've found using the Resene helpline very helpful, try ringing 0800 RESENE. Best of luck.
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        Yeah go talk to your local paint shop and they should be able to help you out


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          Once you have sealed it (resenes smooth surface sealer or BIN primer) be sure to use a really low sheen topcoat to minimize the patterns(spacecoat etc)