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Combining toilet and bathroom - 7 questions

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  • Combining toilet and bathroom - 7 questions

    Long-time reader, first-time poster here. I'm looking at buying a do-up-and-sell, my first. Will probably live in it for 3-4 years. The bathroom is very small - 1.7m2, next-door is a separate toilet. Is it advisable to combine the two, to give the impression of a bigger bathroom, even though that means losing the privacy of a separate loo? Do buyers generally prefer a separate toilet or a bigger bathroom?

    What is the approx builder's cost to remove the existing toilet door off the hallway and re-Gib, and open up the wall between the toilet and bathroom. Would concealing the toilet with a half-height wall (where the existing wall is currently) add a lot of expense?

    I assume I'll also need to re-do the flooring of the newly opened-up space. Roughly how much would it cost (tradesman costs - presumably a builder?) to replace the vanity with a wall-hung unit and replace the vinyl with other flooring?

    Would the wood veneer we plan to use in the kitchen be useable in a bathroom?

    At the moment there is a small window over the toilet and another in the bathroom over the vanity. If we combine the toilet & bathroom, I'd like to hang a mirror where the vanity window currently is. It would be possible to simply hang a big mirror in front of the window, but how much cost would it add for a builder to remove the window and re-Gib, plus patch in the Hardiplank exterior and would it be worth it?

    Any other possible problems that cold come up in a project like this that I should be aware of? Any tips for a n00b bathroom/house renovator?


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    A separate toilet is preferable to a combined one. However if you are adding say a bath or a shower to the bathroom, then combining both rooms may be the only way. If you are simply removing the wall to keep the same fixtures, then i'd say don't bother.

    Removing a door is relatively cheap, however removing a wall will most likely require a beam of suitable strength to be installed to hold up the ceiling/roof. Even if the wall is non-load bearing (and a beam not required), i believe this will require a building permit.

    DO NOT use wood veneer in the bathroom. it is not suitable.

    Removing the main window from the bathroom would make it much darker and harder to ventilate. However it is entirely possible for a builder to remove the window and patch it up. However i doubt the buyer would even notice there is no mirror there!

    replacing the vanity with wall hung will most likely require the waste and maybe the water pipes to be moved into the wall, which will require removal of the gib etc. so allow some cost here.

    If it was me, i'd replace the vanity and toilet. Paint the walls/ceiling. Put new halogen lights in to brighten the room up. Tile the floor with large tiles (makes the room appear bigger). And replace the tapware if the existing are dated (check to see whether you are on mains or unequal pressure water). Job done.


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      Don't combine them if you can avoid it. Who wants to bath/shower while your other half is stinking up the joint with last night's curry-infused stools?


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        Thanks for the quick replies and thoughtful response. Would love to hear some more opinions! Another idea: Removing toilet door and making access to the separate toilet via a sliding door from the bathroom. This would open up some opportunity for wall shelving where the toilet door used to be. At the moment there is very little storage and not really anywhere to add it, which is why I'm considering making changes. It's a family home so the more storage in every room the better.


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          Originally posted by macaroni View Post
          It's a family home so the more storage in every room the better.
          If it's a family home, then it's even more important that you keep the loo separate. Kids can't hold on! Unless there was a second toilet/bathroom somewhere, I wouldn't dream of having the only loo in the bathroom where more than a couple is concerned.
          My blog. From personal experience.


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            Without seeing the layout....can you add a small hand basin to the toilet and leave the bathroom separate? I'm about to do this in my house as definitely want to keep the toilet separate and there's no room to add a second toilet. Moving the toilet door to access from the bathroom actually reduces the usable wall space in the bathroom....why not put a big mirror in to give the appearance of a larger room and reflect the light? Personally, I wouldn't lose the window either.


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              Re window removal: Would it be possible to just install window frosting film and hang a mirror over it?