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Building a shed against a fence

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  • Building a shed against a fence

    Hi...is it legal to build a shed (for tools and firewood) between the house and fence. It would be touching both so no room between?
    There is currently a standard wooden fence between the two which acts as the pool fence but thinking since it's a dead space behind it, it would be perfect for a tool shed..
    Any Ideas?

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    Probably depends on the size of the shed. If it is big enough to count as an 'accessory building' then you will have to check the local council rules about yard distances. Possibly best to contact your local council with the details of the shed and ask, they should be able to tell you straight away.


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      Basically the regulation is a no greater than 10 sqm meter located greater than three meters away from any boundary, if you go less than three meters to a boundary - its height must match its distance
      away from the boundary. It must also be under a single story height ie 2.8 meters high - if you were greater than 3m from boundary.

      Think of you neighbor when you build this shed.
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        Hmm that sounds pretty naff.....so if I was one metre from the fence the shed could only be one metre high....the distance between the house and the fence is only 2.5 metres (which I realise is obviously a different regulation being a house and all). Does that mean less than 10 sqm can be closer without that height restriction. I was only thinking 5 or 6 sqm max...probably even 4 sqm as it's just some firewood, lawnmower etc....

        In regards to the neighbour...I have a long driveway down both sides (and it's halfway down the drive) so it wouldn't impact on them unless they like hanging out in their driveway and also I was only planning on making it fence height or at least sloping from house to just below top of fence. Clearly that can't be done but shall look into it further...cheers for your info.


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          The main issue is the fire risk to your neighbors from your wood and flammable materials used to run your mower.


          Examples of work that does not require a building consent:

          • A patio or deck at ground level
          • Garden trellis less than 2 metres high
          • Maintenance of your house, for example, replacing spouting or a piece of weatherboard
          • Building a small garden shed (provided it is no closer than its own height to the boundary, is under 10 m², and less than one storey high)


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            It's a push mower.......haha.....but I understand.

            I'm sure I have seen some many of those small garden sheds...the ones you can buy and assemble (usually tin sheds) a lot closer to the boundary than their height....must be under the old regs...cheers for the link.


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              in the words of Nike...........just do it


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                The only way these type of things bite you is if a neighbor complains-i agree just do it


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                  I believe you can put up a 'temporary' structure which does not meet the formal guidelines. I looked into it a few years ago, and IIRC a shed with a floor not attached to the ground was considered temporary. Someone else may have better info on this, but could be worth a look.

                  Appreciate the 'just do it' approach but we had a notice to fix slapped on us for a shed which was slightly too close [half a metre] to the boundary. A neighbour complained on the basis that it might be used as a workshop with noisy power tools, leading to a council inspection. By way of background - we had asked that owner (landlord, not living there) to repair the disintegrated spouting on his place which poured water onto our house every time it rained. He did nothing so the council got onto him. He took his revenge, even though the shed was not on his boundary or anywhere near it ....


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                    Forgiveness is often easier to ask for than permission; but discussing first with your good neighbours can be very beneficial !


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                      Sounds like what you really want is a largish dog kennel

                      These I think can be placed anywhere


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                        The counter side of the argument is - somebody who builds a shed, runs power to it and then proceeds to chop wood with a buzz saw under your kids window through the night - that's what happened to me. There is always two sides of a coin and somebody will always try to push the envelope. I spouse that’s why we empower the council to create regulations for us as a collective.


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                          Ha, yes maybe for a giant wolfhound.....

                          Like I said it is on a long driveway about halfway down....I doubt running a circular saw would be any different in decibels should a shed be one metre off the ground and one metre away or next to it or at least enough of a difference ....but I get the point. You would however have to be a bit of an ignorant prick to do that at night time and I'm sure there are a few people like that around.
                          Surely that would come under a different council regulation about noise after a certain time, not the size, height or proximity of a to a fence but I could be wrong.....it's like banging a hammer in the middle of my yard.


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                            The real trick would be to make a absolute mess of the place, and then tell the neighbor you will clean it up with a shed. If your told to remove the shed - give them a glimpse of the
                            alternative ie mess - i know it shut me up thinking of the alternative.

                            In the end - i sold the house to some nice people from china, who are now battery farming there fellow country men at the location - so in the end i had the last laugh........ as this guy has a front row seat to that.


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                              Haha.....karma wins again