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Mr Sandless - Wood floor refinishing?

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  • Mr Sandless - Wood floor refinishing?

    Morning all. So I am currently looking at getting the kitchen, hallway and living room timber floors sanded and finished and have come across a company called Mr Sandless. They claim to refinish timber floors with no sanding required. Anyone had any experience with them?the price they have given me is cheaper than traditional sanding but I haven't spoken with anyone who has used them. I'm weary of the old saying if it's too good to be true but I figure I would ask around anyway. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers.

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    Sounds really dicey to me --ask for more information


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      The reason for sanding the floor is to make it level and to remove any old finishes and other contamination.

      So if your floor is at all uneven and has any residues or previous coatings on the timber, how are they going to deal with that?


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        If you go on to their web site it shows videos of how they do it and the durabiltiy of the product . They have the asthma foundation sensitive choice accreditation which no other floor refinishing company has in New Zealand as well as being green certified They also offer a 5 year warranty and have numorous checkable references on their site. Have had the service used in our own home and it is far superior process to the old sanding and poly urethaning the floor and at around two thirds of the price.