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  • Sleepouts/gottages

    Hi there, we've got a few acres and would like to put a sleepout or similar to use while organising/deciding what to do about a house. We might want storage as well for household items (currently in 20ft container as renting furnished). They all seem incredibly expensive - I've tried looking secondhand but no luck. Any ideas? Northland: Kaipara district. Thanks

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    Hi Lifesasleepout

    Welcome to the forum.

    Have you tried a search on the Trademe auction site?

    I am having a Skyline Gottage being built on our property in Tokoroa at the moment. It is costing $35000. It will have a shower, toilet, vanity, 1 bedroom, kitchen bench, and lounge. The size is 7.2m x 5.4 m.

    Also try the local district Loot or Trade and Exchange Magazine.

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      Thanks. Yes, looked at Trademe I guess I need to keep looking....... thanks for the info re yours, gives me another guideline.


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        I am also having one built on a property of mine in Sth Auckland, similar to Muppett's, this one is double garage, 2 bedrooms and bathroom/shower. 10.2m x 6m. Cost is $37000

        Great investment, gives another $80 per week rent


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          try renting one - several companies do this
          www.cabins4u.co.nz is a starter


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            Who is building your sleepout?

            I had a double garage with one bedroom attached converted to a large single bdrm flat recently - cost a lot more than that.

            Does this cost include all plumbing, electrics etc as well as connections?


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              HI Guys

              The concrete floor was poured today.

              "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx


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                What does your price include?


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                  Hi Edinburgh

                  $15580 = Concrete Foundation, Championboard cladding in clearcote, trusses, cottage corners, building paper, aluminum joinery-ranchslider & 4 windows, gable overhang, partition framing as per plan.

                  $10121 = To line out sleepout with batts, gib to walls, wet wall gib in the bathroom, flameguard to line ceilings, fit doors as per plan.

                  Verandah $1048

                  $6500 = Plumbing - shower, toilet, vanity unit, 90l hot water cylinder and fit a bench unit in the kitchenette.

                  $1680 = Electrical, 5 int lights, 1 exterior, 7 power points.

                  plus building consents etc

                  No allowance for plastering as I think I might like to have a go(cutting costs).

                  Hope this helps. There is a picture of what the exterior will look like in the Skyline booklet. The inside plan is different though.

                  "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx


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                    Hi Muppet

                    Interseting figures, have you any idea how the valuation will be done i.e a 2 bedroom renting at $170 per week x 50 @ 9% cap rate =$94444 or will they just value the cost of improvements Plus the original house.

                    Property Management Tauranga & Bay of Plenty


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                      helloooo, hellooo.
                      This always happens to me! I start a thread and everyone else sidetracks! No seriously, there have been some good suggestions and thanks. Just trying to keep the costs down as we wouldn't intend using the sleepout for long and I can't see it being rentable afterwards....


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                        Try a caravan.

                        Gimme $20k. You will receive some well packaged generic advice that will put you on the road to riches beyond your wildest dreams ...yeah right!


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                          Yeah Kalovatt who's building your sleep out?


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                            Sorry guys for the delay !! (slackness on my part....)

                            Versatile are building it. For $37K it is all completed except for painting in the rooms and curtains, both of which I will do myself. Has a large single garage door (includes auto-opener) and all bathroom fittings.

                            Bear in mind this can't be rented separately from the main dwelling, as there is no kitchen, lounge etc, but I pre-coordinated all this with the existing tenants first, who are more than happy to pay the resulting $80 per week increase.

                            Only other expense is concreting/landscaping around it when complete, plus a bit of extra earthworks that I needed, so basically all up its $40K.


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                              Well, the garage/sleepout is finished. And I can't exactly say I would use Versatile again. Main reason is poor management of the project,and the fact that it is extremely difficult to contact anyone there, or get anyone there to return phone calls.

                              There were a number of other issues with this project too which I wasn't happy with.

                              Anyone else out there had a good or bad experience with this sort of project?

                              At least the Tenants think it is great.