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What's the cost for a mould treatment (to kill spores)?

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  • What's the cost for a mould treatment (to kill spores)?

    Hi folks,

    I have two neighbouring properties with dampness and mould issues, and I am embarking on the expensive path of trying to sort them out! I have had a plumber inspect the properties and suggest a list of work to be done that should alleviate the problem...

    Anyone have any idea how much a professional mould treatment would cost for a small 3 bedroom house?

    Once I have sorted out drainage, insulation and leakage issues, I will then have to try to afford HRV installation and a re-paint of the interior with mould-resistant paint. Any idea of the current cost for a re-paint of a small 3 bedroom house?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Might pay to get in touch with a Building surveyor near you who is either a) remediation specialist or B) Certified weathertightness surveyor. An initial investigation isn't a great deal of money in the scheme of things and will identify areas need additional investigation http://www.buildingsurveyors.co.nz/panel/membersnear

    Hopefully its not too major a problem but there may be areas the plumber has overlooked . Have a read of this guide (it is slightly out of date so use it as a guide and seek futher advice before acting on it) http://www.prendos.co.nz/images/leakyhomeguide-web.pdf

    Govt has grants avaliable for Insulation and clean heating http://www.eeca.govt.nz/node/3107

    If your home is less than 10 years old / or CCC is less than 10 years you may be able to get compensation from Council / Govt.


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      Thanks, excellent suggestions, and I'll look into the weathertightness survey.

      Built in the nineties, so unfortunately no compensation. I think the main issues are drainage (heavy rain causes water to gush down the driveway and pool under the houses); the stormwater drains can't cope; and guttering problems. The guttering gets blocked and due to bad design, water overflows the guttering and gets into places it shouldn't.

      I am going to use the EECA grant - in fact if my tenants have community services cards, free insulation is available through http://www.ecoinsulation.co.nz/energywise/snug-homes/


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        Might have to check whats avaliable in Dunedin I thought max was 60% with community services thats an awesome deal.


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          http://www.dbh.govt.nz/UserFiles/Fil...health%20nz%22 This has good info on how to deal with mould.