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  • Weatherside maintenance


    Wondered if anyone can offer some advice. We have a house that's clad in weatherside. It's mostly in really excellent condition and has been well maintained. However I just noticed a small area where some small cracks and swelling has appeared at the bottom of the planks. It's only affecting about 3 planks and (an area about 10cm long on each plank) - all other areas of the house seem in excellent condition.

    What's the best way to repair it. Can I just ensure it's dry then sand, fill and paint? Should this stop the degredation or slow it enough to last a few more years?

    We would love to replace the areas or get the house re-clad one-day but can't afford to so for now have to maintain it. Any advice much appreciated.


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    Do a search on this site by putting weatherside
    in the search function.
    There are several threads about weatherside.

    You can replace rotted out sheets with Hardiplank.
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      I too have a house clad with Weatherside. There isn't a huge amount of info online about Weatherside really, apart from that it turns to weetbix if it gets wet. I don't think you can really repair it once moisture has gotten in... apart from replacing the damaged sections. There only seems to be a small handful of damaged sheets at my place, so hopefully I can replace with Hardiplank without too much of an issue.