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Corroding Iron railing

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  • Corroding Iron railing

    Hi All,
    The iron railing leading up to the front door is corroding. This is a 70s style unit. What are peoples experience, recommendation ?
    1. Sand down, prime and paint
    2. Remove and replace .. but with what
    3. Leave as is... tenants don't care anyway ?

    If you have done 1 or 2 can you please let me know who or what you did.

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    Get it taken off and taken to a hot dip galvanising place. A builder did this for us at our home. It was a very long rail, so they cut it into 4 to 5m long sections, welded on tongue join bits, hot dipped it and brought it back, bolted it together.

    Sounds horrible but worked really well. and looked very good. That was 6 years ago and the rail still looks fine, no corrosion showing.
    Squadly dinky do!


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      Davo36, sounds good but expensive ? do you still remember the guy who did it ?


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        It cost us $1500 but that was for heaps of it, probably 20 to 30 metres. A local builder took it to an engineering outfit.

        The builder is no longer around and I don't know which engineering place it was, but any of them should be able to do it.
        Squadly dinky do!


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          If it's too far gone you can remove it and replace it with a new timber railing.
          Hopefully the steps are solid enough to bolt a new railing to.
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            Do you guys think it makes a difference to potential tenants of a 2 bedroom unit ?


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              All you need to do is go over it with a wire brush and apply rust converter. This converts the rust into an inert form and it acts a a primer, so you can go ahead and finish it with enamel spray paint. Easy.



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                Actually I can think of another way to go if the rust is not too bad you can sand/wire brush and spray with zinc-it, this is a good way to go if you like a galvanised finish as you won't need to paint afterwards.


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                  If the railing is not corroded to the point where you can break it by hand, then you can just prep and paint/spray to get a decent finish on it.

                  If you lean on the railing and the railing gives away, then you need to replace it as it is now a hazard.

                  Prep and paint/spray to tenant your unit.

                  Only replace/upgrade the railing if you are planning to sell.

                  The tenant doesn't care about the outside, they only care about the inside of the unit.


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                    Cool thanks for that


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                      Just an update all. I got a grinder and a wire brush from Bunnings. Only ended up using the wire brush actually.
                      I then used Dulex Quit Rust metal primer on it which turned it black. A couple of days later I added 2 coats of Dulex Quit Rust top coat (white) and it turned out great.
                      Many thanks to the guy at Bunnings who was very helpful. It did take a lot of my time because it's a long railing so I hope it lasts a few years.


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                        Good job! and thanks for the helpful info =)