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Smartstrand - worth the $?

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  • Smartstrand - worth the $?


    I am about to re-carpet our house (used by our family, rented if overseas), and I am wondering if to get the new Smartstrand (Rhino add on TV) - I googled it and come with reviews mostly from USA....
    What we had was extra thick heavy duty 100% wool so I am considering 100% wool again, as it was fab, sales rep tried to sway me towards the solution dyed nylon (not sure, but it is softer than wool), but the smartstrand is just so soft (and expensive!)...wondering if there is anyone here that has Smartstrand and is happy/unhappy with it, wool v nylon comments etc....

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    I'm just thinking about the smartstrand carpet too. Did you go ahead with buying it in the end? I can only find american reviews. I was told that Feltex nylon carpet is just as good


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      carpet layers starting at my house on monday laying 40m of smartstrand


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        I've just installed Smartstrand into a property - upper end of the market, holiday home.

        It is guaranteed for 25 years against - pet smell resistant, bug resistant (which wool carpet certainly isn't!), non-static, stain resistant, fade and shrink resistant. Won't smell or rot if it gets wet.

        It is thick, lovely and soft.

        Expensive and not a great range of colours for NZ conditions. Time delays as it has to be imported from overseas.

        To me it feels like wool, doesn't create static etc etc

        So far, I've had no complaints.
        Patience is a virtue.


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          i bet the 25 year guarantee is a crock, try getting it replaced in 24 years with a problem, i dont think so


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            Should have posted we had ours installed back in October....so happy with it. Kids tested it with all sorts already...so easy to clean up any and I do mean any mess....just a bit of water and a sponge that is it. Nice and plush too. The only thing was the carpet layer said not the nicest easiest to install and he would not want yo be doing them every day...
            I am known for bargaining gone to the madness sale and negotiated hard...got it less then half price ...less than the wool carpet I was going to get.....


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              the only thing to watch out for is burns....from cigarettes...
              We don't smoke so not an issue here however with rentals.....it might be
              re felt carpet comparison above...no they are not alike....and those were the words of our friend carpet layer who has been family friend for over two decades.....


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                Hi Nik

                I wouldn't put SmartStrand in a rental.... for that reason (smoking) alone.
                Patience is a virtue.