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House blows apart on highway

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  • House blows apart on highway

    Umm I have thought of relocating a house onto a bare section a wee while back and probably many of us have done it successfully - not so lucky for the owners of a house in Hawkes Bay - where it 'blew apart' while in transport...see news item

    Anyone had some other interesting experiences with relocating houses?


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    Would the transport companies insurance cover this type of incident?


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      It can't have been a very sturdy house, surely. The insurance company will be putting that phone call down in their staff newsletter.

      "My house just flew to pieces when I was driving it down the road, could you send roadside rescue please - oh, and an assessor"


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        Made a good job of it didn't they? At least the roof looks still intact, perhaps they can reroof something with it.


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          Always the optimist Robyn!

          I guess they had cut it into bits to transport it, which may have weakened it a lot.

          It's the sort of thing which you would never expect to happen to you.
          Squadly dinky do!


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            Apparently the frame was riddled with bora, if true pretty slack of the moving company not to notice the weakened structure, especially in the middle of winter.



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              nz is a very gusty country, 100kph microbursts can touch down just about anywhere

              i'm sure the guys that cut 100 year old villas and 80 year old bungalows in half are always cutting through severe structural problems, how strong is half an egg shell?

              but they are only guys with chainsaws, what are they to do?, hold up the huge logistics operation that is moving an over sized convoy across country at 3am???

              hopefully they were fully insured
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                With the emphasis on "hopefully". (I suspect, and I might be going out on a limb here, that the loss won't be covered under the standard Home & Contents policy.)

                Note that the highest windspeed ever recorded in NZ was approx 210 km/hr at Wellington Airport in 1968, during the Wahine storm. If you're travelling south at the speed limit and encounter half of the Wahine wind from the north, then you're in a hurricane.


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                  A MESS: Workers begin clearing up the remains of a building that blew apart on the back of a truck that was moving it near Hastings. A house being towed on a trailer in Hawke’s Bay blew apart this afternoon, scattering debris across the road, police say.

                  Inspector Paul Jermy said it was unclear what exactly had happened to the building, thought to be a house or a shed, which was being towed along SH50A in Hastings.
                  The incident occurred just south of Omahu Road.
                  “Pieces of the house are littering the road - and one lane is likely to remain closed until the area has been cleaned up,” he said.
                  Traffic is still able to move but long delays are expected.

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                    by insured i mean that the house movers have specific insurance for accidents etc while transporting the house

                    ie if it fell off the truck going up a steep hill and someone going down the hill crashed into the debris who is responsible???
                    have you defeated them?
                    your demons