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  • Borer?!

    I'm looking at an ex-state house in Christchurch and there are what appear to be borer holes in three of the doors. The vendor states that they are not aware of any borer, and haven't ever treated for borer (and they have owned it for 5 years).
    It is unclear whether the borer holes are 'old' (ie a previous owner treated the borer and the holes are just left over) or if the borer is still alive and eating
    Will a builder's check identify whether it is a problem? Any suggestions for what conditions I should put in my offer? Or should i just run for the hills?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    look for fresh sawdust.
    try blowing into the holes & see if any sawdust comes out.

    a building inspection should be looking for bora under the house & in the floor, but if you point to the holes in the doors then they should pay extra attention to looking out for signs of bora elsewhere


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      Not drawing pin holes are they?
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        thats what i was wondering too


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          Not drawing pins

          Sadly, I'm certain they are not drawing pinn holes, as they are irregular and too big and in funny places. I googled photos of borer, and they look exactly like the ones I saw. There didn't appear to be any sawdust around, and the present tenants confirmed they haven't encountered sawdust, but the tenants aren't the sharpest knives in the draw (piles of rubbish, overflowing ashtrays inside etc)


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            Pants come along to the Chch PT afternoon. I promise you there will be no borer there.
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              A few borer holes in doors would not deter me. Look for it in the insides of wardrobes and where you can see any timber frame work. They generally work from the bottom up. My place has wood I've replaced because of borer and dry rot but still lots of life left in the house yet.


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                Upainted woodwork can be treated with kerosene rubbed on with a rag, it soaks into the wood and kills the beetles before they emerge. also stops any others laying any new eggs.
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                  I'm looking at a new IP myself. Builders report came back with potentially 5-10% borer in weatherboards which will cost a bit to replace. No evidence of bore in structure or roof, but some old borer holes in some floorboards (nonactive). Gave some good advice on increasing venting around base of house to get airflow moving more (and drying out timber). Currently negotiating replacement cost off purchase price. A doorway or two doesn't sound too serious, but if you are concerned, I recommend a builders report to be certain (and they may find some other nice things as well, like old plumbing and wiring).