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Anyone double glazed their PPOR?

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  • Anyone double glazed their PPOR?

    Hi there,

    We purchased a weatherboard house and it has original rimu windows which while extremely solid, face the northern sun and are starting to warp.

    The windows have a gap and leak air around them. Its not bad but when the wind blows, it gets a bit draughty.

    Has anyone gone the whole hog and changed the windows and french doors to aluminium?

    I'd like to do the main door in a fibroplank (wood lookalike) and 2 sets of french doors, as well as about 11 windows (casement and awnings) in aluminium with double glazing. I'd also like the living areas to have a 'wood' effect and I think Rylock (Fletcher Aluminium) and Tasman (Elite) have a range that does this.

    From a capital expenditure point of view, will this increase the value of the house? If you were a buyer, would you be swayed towards a double glazed property or one with single glazed windows? Would you prefer aluminium or timber joinery? I've thought of timber joinery but as the warped side faces the sun, it wouldn't last very long and aluminium is easier to maintain.

    If you were renting, would you pick a double glazed house with a small premium?

    The builders are twiddling their thumbs and I've got 2 quotes very quickly already.

    First quote came in at under $15K minus installation (about 2 days worth).
    Second quote came in at under $16K with additional internal sliding door for bathroom (so fairly similar) without installation. Costs of work will probably be about 6.7% market value of PPOR.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    .....in a flash!

    .....if i lived Palmy or further south. we've just done heat pumps, underfloor, ceiling [EECA subsidy]and wall insulation [Airfoam] in 4 weatherboard units in the South Island and it's made so much difference you can feel the cold difference from the windows.

    .....sure that's a renter, but i'd do the same PLUS the double glazing if i ever need a place of my own.....


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      If you have a character house and change the rimu timber windows to aluminium then you will almost certainly be devaluing your house.

      Aluminium windows on character houses look disgusting.

      Even if new windows did suit the style of the house, you might improve saleability, but I doubt you'd get your money back, let alone a profit.

      If you don't care about the change of looks or making a profit, and are more concerned with saving electric bills, then you could consider it from a different angle though.

      My 2c.


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        ....aw, c'mon

        .....no one with half a brain [or anyone who doesn't think only of the bottom line] would put ally windows in a villa!

        ....how about checking out local solutions like:

        Amazing Glazing http://www.amazingglazing.co.nz/
        Mr Glass http://www.mrglass.co.nz/index.asp?pgid=33
        Ziggy's [no kidding] http://www.ziggys.co.nz/doubleglazing.html

        .....and some of the interesting cases on:


        .....and while I haven't used any of them, i'm getting ready to


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          Sounds like you might need to consider cedar frames to prevent warping. They are expensive - but at least you aren't using aluminium. I just had a quote to replace an aluminium ranch slider and tall window with cedar doors and window - was $6,500 + GST excluding paiting and hardware (or hardware installation - Ouch...although I was looking at "10 light" windows (cottage look)


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            Yes I am going to go down the path of aluminium. Is cedar cheaper?


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              The problem I see with aluminium is the frames transfer heat and cold, whereas wood has better insulation properties. So if you are going to the trouble of double-glazing I'd go for wood as well.

              We have one large aluminium window in the house, the rest are solid wood. The aluminium one is the cold spot, the cold radiates through the aluminium frames. One day I'll afford to get it out and replace with wood.
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                What about PVCu windows/frames etc?

                All double glazed and way ahead of aluminium!

                I think there's even a few threads/topics on PT already regarding these PVCu windows.


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                  Exactly what I was looking for.


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                    Originally posted by lidistick View Post
                    Exactly what I was looking for.
                    Glad to help then!


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                      Ok I just got back from the Auckland Home Show.
                      Plenty of things to see and I'm glad I saw Smartwood. We will probably use something similar to this in our PPOR. Looks great and acts as some sort of a thermal barrier.
                      I also saw uPVC windows but the cost is fairly prohibitive compared to aluminium.


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                        Retrofit double glazing Magnetite

                        Take a look at getting a measure and quote from Magnetite,
                        You will save alot of money.