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Repairing metal roofs

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  • Repairing metal roofs

    Hi Guys

    Notes on repairing an iron roof.

    Repairing metal roofs
    Sometimes inspection of a metal roof can cause more concern than is necessary. Rusty looking ill-maintained metal roofs can still have many years of useful life in them. Small holes and superficial rust can be fixed relatively easily.

    You will have to use some commonsense in judging how far the rust has progressed to decide whether to repair or replace the sheet of metal. A general guide is that if any single sheet had rusted through in three separate places then it is time to replace the whole piece.

    Brush away the surface rust and inspect the surface carefully. If the rust is only on the surface then clean away all trace of rust using a wire brush and then wash the area with mineral turpentine. Now paint with rust inhibitor, undercoat and then finish with a top coat to match the roof.

    Small holes can be covered with self adhesive aluminium backed flashing tape, making sure that you clean the area first as described above. Apply the tape in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions.
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    and if the ends for example are the only bits rusted do what is called short sheeting. only replace the bottom half intead of a full sheet length. may look funny but an option to consider if you need to save a few bucks.
    some of the reno guys in Oz do this prior to selling.


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      that's a great tip about tidying up roofs. Will be useful for my website work but also for me personally to fix my shabby looking garage roof.
      Cheers :P