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  • Paint Scraping tip

    Hi Guys

    Saw this on Somersoft. I've been using the thing mentioned for years and I fully agree with what the poster says. But A$12.50, you can buy them for aboutNZ$9.99 when they are on special from Mitre 10.

    Paint Scraping tip

    Hi All,

    I'm currently removing the old paint from the exterior of my old Queenslander and to be honest was almost ready to give up when i discovered a handy tool called a 'Genius' made by NZ company Haydn.

    Its a tungsten steel tipped blade on the business end of the paint scraper & I can tell you it makes scraping paint about 5 x easier than using the standard scraper. I just got mine from a small local hardware for $12.50, so far I scraped about 30m2 of paint with it no sweat.

    It's blade is reversible (so you're really getting two blades with the one tool) and the only time the blade gets dulled is when you run over a protruding nail head at high speed. Spare blade packs are also available seperately for around the same price for a pack of 5 ..I'm yet to need replacements so far though. Its also proved really handy with bringing weathered old grey wood back to brown, a light sand & its ready to paint too.

    Just thought I'd share that with anyone prepping to do a repaint job.
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