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Doing my own tax returns

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  • Doing my own tax returns

    Up until this year we have used an accountant to do our tax returns for two properties but he has retired and referred us to another one. We only have one property now and the fee is just as much so I am inclined to fill out the returns myself rather than use an accountant. Is there anyone out there who can advise on how to go about that? If there is a link to the form etc that would be much appreciated.

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    Good for you. Great way to add a layer of understanding to your investment. The specific form is IR3R. If you have a MyIR account with IRD you can do a draft online and tick away at it bit by bit. Sign up if you haven't got one.That's useful as there is click through info on most fields. Can print it but online is better as the info is right there. The first time will take the longest while you sort through what is needed. Helps to have last year's accounts in front of you.

    Also helps if you have an organised brain!

    You may need to check if your accountant is still recorded as your tax agent and cancel that.

    With MyIR you can ask IRD via secure email and have a record of answers. They get busy as the tax year ends so any=thing you can work through and ask now will get a faster reply. Also ask here if you need to.


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      Thanks for the encouragement, I have a MyIR account and have got a draft going. Much appreciated