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Seasonal movement - Resin or Concrete underpin

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  • Seasonal movement - Resin or Concrete underpin

    Hi there,

    Our property has some seasonal/weather dependent movement.
    This is causing a lot of hair lone cracks in the old Gib joins and two more serious-looking cracks on the external brick veneer.
    It's a two-storied block and brick house on the Northshore, built on clay soil with standard concrete ring foundations/poured floor.
    The site is a very gentle slope. I have had Mainmark out to assess things, they measured everything out and informed us of the variation across the house footprint.
    My next move was to be getting out a Structural engineer to assess the issues also and give a recommendation. On talking to him on the phone, he is not a fan of resin injection for underpinning, saying that over time the resin compresses and doesn't fix the problem.

    Does anyway here have any experience with Mainmark or other resin injection solutions for underpinning? What are peoples thoughts on this, could Mainmark sell a solution that fails after a short period of time when their warranty on the product is 50years? It's been used all over chch for the rebuild. Is it just an old school engineer not trusting new technology? The site will require a little bit of excavation and most likely re-waterproofing if I go with traditional underpinning so hoping the injection would be an option of similar price.

    Keen to hear peoples thoughts.


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    Hi Invamped I'm currently fighting with my Engineers over Resin injection repair to my own home in Christchurch. I'm continually stating it's not like for like as when new as per my Insurance Policy. Mainmark have almost got the entire market for resin injection repair. The fact your own Engineer has stated the obvious I'd avoid Mainmark like the Plague!! I'd be interested to talk with your Engineer maybe he can assist me with my home.
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