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It's not a done deal - design may halt multi dwellings on a section

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  • It's not a done deal - design may halt multi dwellings on a section

    Just when you thought homeowners are getting a break with the new The Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Bill of the NPS-UD. However it is just an 'amendment bill' - and it can be revised. before something ends up as legislation...

    Whilst height (up to 3 or 6 storeys depending on zone) and density (up to 3 units per site) will no longer trigger the need for resource consent.

    Controls relating to urban design could be introduced for all medium density residential developments. Rather than medium density residential development being a permitted activity, the bill could be amended to make this a restricted discretionary activity, with the demonstration of compliance with urban design guidelines and standards achieved through the preparation and lodgement of an urban design assessment.
    They giveth and taketh away. Should this happen it will be a nightmare for homeowners keen to just get on with it and create dwellings for whanau etc.



    OPINION: The Government announced an amendment bill to increase housing density, but how do we balance more houses with quality?
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