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Emergency Housing Costs Six Times More

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  • Emergency Housing Costs Six Times More

    Ideology gone wrong.
    Is there nothing the Wellington Idiots can't stuff up?
    The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary - Fred Wilson.

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    Lindsay Mitchell is correct as usual. However, she focuses here only on one aspect - the rent subsidy. There are other taxpayer costs of state housing and they are totally non trivial. Like the capital cost of building new or buying - a cost borne by the taxpayers or by the private sector. Of course the capital cost is recovered over time from rents and eventually sale - like for state housing that would be never. Then similarly there is the cost of administration and maintenance. That would also be never for state housing.

    Housing NZ does take quite a few cases to the Tenancy Tribunal though - some alarming levels of rent arrears and damage. but never hear anything about how much is recovered from these tenants. Possibly not 'never' but probably not far off. (Based on experience - it used to be my day job.)