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Why House Prices Will Continue Going Up

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    Just need the borders open again.

    NZ is still an attractive place to live too and when National gets back in hopefully it will attract more investment in business.

    Including working with primary materials and turning them into secondary goods eg building supplies etc.


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      Here's why it might be fruitless to pin your hopes on a house price crash
      09 Nov 2021
      Originally posted by STUFFed
      Just how unsustainable are New Zealand house prices, really? The Reserve Bank warned (again) in its latest financial stability report that house prices were unsustainable, and highlighted the potential risk to first-home buyers.

      But – for now at least – every warning seems to be followed by another month of record-breaking house prices. Nationally, the Real Estate Institute house price index increased by more than 30 per cent year-on-year in September.
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        If you look at the globe as a big pressurized steam system..

        With huge boilers in the US and China etc..

        And the central banks throwing piles of underpriced money into those boilers...

        and that pressure blowing itself off as house prices...

        And then the boiler pressure drops, for the first time in decades..

        "Ya canna mess with the laws of physics captain".