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Unprecedented fear of missing out panic in property market

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  • Unprecedented fear of missing out panic in property market

    Hi All,

    Are we seeing unprecedented panic over the fear of missing out on a property? Tony Alexander in Stuff.

    “There is increasing scepticism amongst financiers, real estate agents, mortgage advisers, and valuers regarding the accuracy of valuations potentially over-influenced by inexperienced, under-capitalised, panicking buyers over-bidding for properties.”
    If you're on Facebook and see the gains some traders are making - e.g. if I read the post correctly SteveG made over $500K on one trade recently - it would fuel envy and introspection.

    We know not every deal goes well but only the great ones are shared so it does cause envy and that fear of missing out.



    Crazy house prices and frenzied buyers are raising eyebrows - and concerns - among housing market experts, a new survey reveals.
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