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Dream location, right sized house but reclad?

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  • Dream location, right sized house but reclad?

    Found the perfect location with a small 73m2 house, just perfect for single me. Pricey neighbourhood but id say this would be my forever home (if there is such a thing). Going to auction. However........ this simple rectangle house single storey that was built in 60s, was moved onto new piles/foundations in 2001 and dammit was reclad with what appears harditex and plastered over. There were 2 double bedrooms added to each end so this will be kiln dried timber. OK, not good as borrowing becomes a problem (Bank wants moisture test) and I don't want a direct fixed cladded house. So if no rich SOB bids at the auction and bowls the house then its gonna be hard for lending for all the other ones that are dreaming like me. So if I am in the position to go in lower if passed in and I get a moisture test and its pretty OK, what would the cost to reclad 73m2 with cavity with say weatherboard? Anyone done this? Thanks in advance .

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    Hi RollingCloud,

    We reclad our house - well the intention was to just reclad it but - our home had various additions from 1958 onwards and the short of it is - it was full of borer so the simple reclad became a 'rebuild'.

    There are always surprises and it sounds like you could be in for a few with that property.


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      Thanks Donna
      I wouldnt even touch it normally but I'm hoping that as it is rectangle with a plain iron roof with normal eaves that the shape would be cost effective to reclad. However yes, the surprises that may lay beneath....................