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What is rich??

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  • What is rich??

    Found a great quote on a screensaver yesterday that really has me thinking.
    "A rich person is not the one who has the most, but one who needs the least".
    I think it's very true. What do you think?

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    Far too deep for me Dean. I think being rich is having sufficient personal freedom to be able to do what you desire, for a majority of the time.

    So again, being rich is not a monetary thing but a state of mind.

    I would recommend investors read Think and Grow Rich from Napolean Hill (again if need be) and works from Chopra, Robbins, Kiyosaki et al to help them get there on take on concepts of wealth and being rich...

    The rewards are there, choose the right path to take.


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      Yeah, and check out WINK & GROW RICH by Roger Hamilton.

      For me, RICH has absolutely NOTHING to do with MONEY!!


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        So what does it mean to you chicken??


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          Originally posted by David_W
          I think being rich is having sufficient personal freedom to be able to do what you desire, for a majority of the time.
          I agree with this.
          However saying that wealth has nothing to do with money I dont believe is quite true. Without money it is difficult to have sufficient personal freedom to be able to do what you desire. So wealth itself might not be money, but money helps us get to the point in life where we want to be.


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            I think this is interesting.

            It brings to mind "money can't buy you happiness", however you hear miserable people all the time saying "if only I had a bit of money...." or "when I win the lotto.."

            If order to get money, you need to strive, to change. But to strive and change implies unhappiness with the current situation.

            This is therefore confusing. If rich, wealth, freedom, and happiness are (substantially) interchangeable words, and we are saying that this desired state of being has nothing to do with money, then what are we all doing?

            If we were all 'rich', why would we strive for more? Does this mean we must stop striving to be truly happy? Are there different levels of 'rich', i.e., 'I'm rich and happy, but want to be richer and happier'. In this case, if there is a higher state of richness, are you really rich in your current situation?

            Just a couple of rambling thoughts. I don't think there is an easy answer.

            The Dog


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              Why is it that I'm only posting philosophy on property talk these days...

              Dean the position that you are refering to is a Stoic philosophy perspective, basically the idea is rather than have grand ambitions and never being satisfied, instead have small easily satisfied preferences and you will be happy.

              Alternatively you could read this in a buddhistic light. Then you would argue that the pursuit of material gains alone is really the pursuit of unhappiness! Why? Because material things are transient. This means if you invest your happiness in material possesions then you are setting yourself up for a fall, because ultimately one way or the other you will lose that material possesion (Since you can't have it when you are dead...)

              If you took this position you would only pursue material possessions as a means to an end, and you would make sure you had not got attached to the property...
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                well basically,

                the more you have the less its worth to you.

                one loaf of bread is extremely useful.
                one billion loaves gets to be a pain.


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                  Hi Guys

                  McDuck said:
                  one billion loaves gets to be a pain.
                  Very true BUT you will have some very fat pigs.

                  "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx


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                    Great Quote

                    here's a quote I love:

                    I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something
                    by Jackie Mason

                    and another by Roger Hamilton:

                    Definition of Wealth
                    Wealth is not how much money you have.
                    Wealth is what you're left with when you lose all your money
                    and from Warren Buffet

                    I may have more money than you, but money doesn't make the difference. If there is any difference between you and me it may simply be that I get up every day and have a chance to do what I love to do every day. If you learn anything from me this is the best advice I can give you.

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                      Hi Guys

                      Someone once said that money allows them to pay someone to do the jobs that they hate doing.

                      Now, was it RK that said that?

                      "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx


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                        Sounds like the reason behind the debate on illegal immigration in the good ol' U.S. of A. at the moment!


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                          I chose a monastic existence requiring very low expenditure for five years of my adult life. Pleasure was taken in simple things, partly because simple things were all I had access to.
                          Was it any better than my life now? No - it was just a different existence. All existences have their joys and limitations.
                          For now I choose to live with a more full utilization of my business abilities and the resulting nurture that can offer my extended family.
                          The great thing for me about modern western life is the ability to continually evolve - and to do things now that can fund another period of retreat in my life, when I choose or am forced through some change in circumstance to do that again.


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                            When you have a little money...it controls you.

                            When you have too much money...it also controls you.

                            There’s a point in the middle somewhere ...where you get free.

                            what's that inscription on the top of the ancient temple of Delphi...?

                            “Est modus in rebus”

                            Moderation in all things.

                            (including moderation)


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                              here is agreat quote again from Mr Buffet that iread eysterday in the independent, UK. in context of just giving $31 Billion to Bill gates charity the biggest charitable gift ever

                              "A very rich Person" as Buffet put it "should leave his kids enough to do anything, but not enough to do NOTHING !"

                              Love it great words, every human needs to have a challenge, brings down the great fallacy of kyoski retire rich retire young, what are you actually contributing to the planet if you inyour mindset have retired, then you start to become a consumer of resources without putting anythign back, which is fine if you are physically and mentally of an age where you need to but not if you are in your mid 30's

                              notice more of the taking syndrome here in the UK than in good ole kiwiland where your upbringing kiwistyle is a bit more about go out and get it for yourself. mind you if it weret for the average lazy mifddleclass brit then thousands of kiwis wouldnt have funded there european travels and first steps on the property ladder.

                              keep smiling all
                              Kia kaha