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Do all harditex houses leak?

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  • Do all harditex houses leak?

    We are looking at a house that is partially harditex, the section and location are perfect otherwise we wouldn't be considering it. It was built in 1995. The gables and the parts above the windows are made of some woodpanel looking cladding.

    Assuming it has a thorough building inspection by someone experienced in leaky homes is it likely to be ok? Are there harditex houses that don't leak?

    Also is there a way to tell if the framing is treated or not?

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    I don't think the harditex cladding have a cavity so it is possible that the cladding could leak unless it has been thoroughly maintained. Untreated timber issue starts from around 98 so not sure about it. Best to contact the building inspector.


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      Since writing the first post we have found out it was built in 1991 not 1995


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        1995 gthe framing should be treated. You need to get it tested.

        Harditex doesnt leak per-se but the paint lets water past at holes and unprotected bottom edges. Are there eaves to the roof? This keeps wall dryer.

        What is the rest of the cladding?


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          Harditex in my experience is a good low maintenance cladding material , never had any real problems with it, apart that it does get a bit more brittle with aging.


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            it will always have a "stigma" about it that may cause you a problem when you go to sell it


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              Originally posted by jimO View Post
              it will always have a "stigma" about it that may cause you a problem when you go to sell it
              Honestly speaking i felt the same way about a decade ago, but since all the leaky building scenario happened mainly with plaster clad walls, Harditex is a go to reliable product i feel.


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                there is a class action in hand against James Hardie for harditex that could be successfu.

                This will impact on all fibre cement sheet products

                A 1991 framing will be well treated which is the underlying problem with monclad dwellings and the use of UTKD framing


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                  Did houses built in 1997 have to use treated timber


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                    Don’t believe so as untreated timber was still in use up to 2004.

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