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  • Kumeu/Huapai

    Hi all

    Took a drive around Huapai over the weekend, mainly Jeroboam street, was amazed at how many houses have been squeezed in there. Quick walk around confirmed mainly Chinese builders finishing up for the day.

    Went to a few other open homes around the area, some relatively good bang for your buck it would appear around the 1 to 1.5m mark. Just unsure of the quality of some of these builders.
    Some are registered master builders and come with a 10 year guarantee, but have not heard the best about Chinese builders previously.

    Thoughts on these mass developments and relatively decent prices? Is there a good reason that people are staying away and some new builds sitting vacant for a while? Does a master builders guarantee actually guarantee a well built home?


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    Yes and no. It'll give you a 10 year guarantee, however it can be quite hard to enforce. Generally only useful if it is a serious problem and the builder has since gone out of business. You'd also have some reassurance by the council inspections/ code compliance.