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IRD suspicious password reset reporting is useless.

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  • IRD suspicious password reset reporting is useless.

    So - I just got an email from IRD telling me "We’ve received a request to reset your myIR password."

    The email also tells me "If you didn’t request a password reset contact us on 0800 227 770"

    After independently researching that that is the right number to ring (I don't trust blindly following phone numbers in un-solicited emails), I give them a ring.

    Cue the obvious.
    • No obvious menu option on that number to report such an attempt
    • 20 minutes to talk to them.

    When I eventually do get to talk to somebody it turns out that:
    • Their system has decided by itself that I (and a number of other people) want to reset my password.
    • I can't just ignore the email, since because it has been sent to me, my old password has already been invalidated, so I _will_ need to do a password reset.
    • I can't use the link they emailed me to reset the password, as it's only valid for 30 minutes, and by the time I saw the email and then got to talk to somebody on their helpline more than 30 minutes had gone by.
    • And then, do you think I can easily find a fecking link on their website to request a password reset?

    Words fail me!