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Tennants parking in private lane to avoid tickets - residents annoyed

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  • Tennants parking in private lane to avoid tickets - residents annoyed

    I live in a private shared driveway of 5 residents. The house on the end is tenanted and the tenants park their unregistered cars outside my house in our shared driveway because the council wont ticket cars in our lane as its private. None of the cars are registered and they are rusting away. The landlord is powerless and doesn't know the law. He tries to help but they lie to him.

    There is a small footpath outside my house but none of the other houses and these aholes park their cars half on it and the road, making the shared driveway difficult for everyone to pass down.

    There is doubt as to whether the landlords house, being at the end of the shared driveway is part of the shared driveway.

    Asking them hasn't worked? Asking the landlord hasn't worked as he doesn't know his right?

    Do I have rights to tow tenants cars?
    Is the footpath outside my house mine to block with rocks if I tow the cars?

    I know the road is shared?

    Any give me some free (legal) advice pls?

    Very distressed.

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    Ring the council and report the vehicles as abandoned/dumped. Sometimes takes up to 48 hours for someone to check.

    If they say it's private land point out that they are blocking/parked on footpath that the public have access to and that the driveway (by definition) is a road.

    Good luck, let me know how it goes.


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      The landlord in question here is letting you down. If he doesn't know his rights then tell him to find out. He should know if he has legal access to the driveway or not. If he calls his lawyer, he/she will advise him of his rights.

      I live on a shared driveway and it is covered by Schedule 9 of the Property Law Act 1952 but this may or may not apply in your case. If the landlord won't help, you could clarify this with your own lawyer.

      The following is a clause from Schedule 9:

      The right to have that land over which the easement is granted kept clear at all times of obstructions whether caused by parked vehicles, deposit of materials, or unreasonable impediment to the use and enjoyment of the driveway: