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Any one had anything to do with Pellet Fires

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  • Any one had anything to do with Pellet Fires

    wife has decided she doesnt want to have to hump and chop firewood in the future and is making noises about getting a pellet fire to replace the massive masport log burner we currently heat the casa with, looked at one today at the home show that puts out 10 kw v the 23kw the masport pumps out, while i am allowed to have no opinion i still prefer the log burner and may even consider getting the wood in to save her a job, any one have any experience with them?

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    Wives or pellet fires?


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      House we moved into last year has an 8yr old Riko pellet fire(6k+ retail) ...overall pretty impressed ..better than expected on keeping midsize area warm (only 8kw output) when its bitter cold outside (central otago)

      -pros- 15kg bag keeps the fire ticking over 4-5kw(half output) for good part of 2-3 days.. so no stress having to reload wood etc

      -cons- more expensive to run and buy and doesn't match wood burner heat output


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        Quite a few posts about these in the TradeMe message boards. Many not too complimentary.


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          Found this if its any help:


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            We inherited one in a rental we bought. The tenants like it and it is reasonably efficient.

            It needs servicing yearly and to be cleaned regularly. Our tenant re-assembled the parts that are removed when cleaning incorrectly which would have necessitated a service call except the service agent gave me a list of probable causes over the phone and we were able to fix it.

            I wouldn't buy one as I don't like the continuous noise of the pellets falling into the firebox. Too much like Chinese water torture!



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              i suppose i could move the firewood shed closer to the house, make life slightly better for her


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                Personally, I would never want to make such an expensive change for something that would leave me reliant on a single source for consumables.
                Sure, if the manufacturer went out of business, a third party might step up to manufacture the pellets, but for what price?
                My blog. From personal experience.