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Council only allowing me to build a maximum 2 bedroom house

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  • Council only allowing me to build a maximum 2 bedroom house

    Hi - We are currently in the process of sub dividing into 3 lots on a 6 acre property in West Auckland. At the moment there is no waste water and sewage on the street so we have to use sewage tanks and our own waste water management systems.

    The two new lots will be about 1600m2 each. The surveyor has mentioned to us that the council is likely to say that we can only build about a 2 bedroom sized home because of the land size and the waste water management we will have to install. We are wanting to build at least a 3-4 bedroom home on one of the new lots

    My question is, is there any way around this for example maybe some kind of special waste water management system to allow us to build a bigger home?

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    Hmmm, does it say anything about this in the District Plan? In the rules section?

    The former Waitakere District Council were terrible at allowing development to go ahead, so it might be a bit tricky.

    But the unitary plan may help somewhat in that if the new rules are more open, then surely you could argue that it should be allowed because it's what the council is moving towards anyway.

    So a good strong cup of coffee, to keep you awake and the current and future district plans are what you need to be reading.
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      There is two types of water treatment for Rural properties not sure if it will make a difference but you probably should talk to a waste water engineer
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        the issue is that a septic tank needs certain area for effective dispersal hence the area of land available restricts capacty to discharhe which in turn limits design occupancy.

        Can you pump to a council outlet Thrusting undergroud can be an option wven if it is significant distance away and cost similar to septic tank system. (but unrestricted development)