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Gas water heaters

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  • Gas water heaters


    I'm looking at installing a Rinnai or similar gas hot water califont/heater.

    I don't have any quotes yet but curious if you really need to run copper pipes the whole distance as most seem to....there are so many plumbing piping products these days that can take the rigours of heat and don't need to be soldered...

    Has anyone looked into this or even done a half and half copper/plastic?


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    we have done 2 recently and the plumber has joined plastic to the origional copper


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      Cheers JimO.....so was it copper visible from the unit down to the deck or ground and then plastic under then house to the taps (which probably had some copper of them anyway)?

      And may I ask what gas heater type you had installed? I'm thinking of Rinnai 27 lpm mark but I'm a single guy by myself so maybe too big but I like long hot and strong showers so figure it may best solution....after all, I may meet the woman of my dreams any day now


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        the one at my home had existing copper , the plumber positioned the unit on the outside wall behind the kitchen bench, the best place and cheapest for them is close to a hot and cold supply he has joined plastic to the copper under the bench to the unit, its lagged of course. the other house is the same setup except the house was replummed in plastic, both houses have Rinnai 27s, i wouldnt go smaller as your situation may change, the gas bottles can go anywhere around the house as long as a gas line can be run to the unit. One thing your shower mixer/tapware may not be suitable if your on low pressure and with gas will be mains pressure a 45kg bottle lasts me n herindoors 3 months also we have a gas hob so you may get 6 months, longer if you only shower once a week LoL. you can get a Bosche unit that doesnt require a power source as it self ignites when you turn the tap on


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          Another question.......so I get the gas fitter to install it but do I need an electrician as well to hard wire it in or do they generally have a plug and just go into a wall socket assuming there is one close by?

          I've never read anywhere about people getting electricians involved when installing one so curious.....


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            if you read the post above yours yes you need a outside power point, so the unit can plug in UNLESS you buy the self igniting Bosche unit


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              Cheers jimO......I did actually read your post above, just not for a while.....I did get a Rinnai Infintiy VT26 today though for $1190 so the ball is rolling....