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Opinions on Y'tong Blocks Please

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  • Opinions on Y'tong Blocks Please

    Hi All (especially the builders out there)

    I've been trying to read around the different types of cladding and building materials in NZ. I came across an aerated concrete call Y'tong blocks and it seems really versatile and according to the distributor costs about the same as building with a normal cladding system since it does not require a framework. It seems a popular building material overseas (Europe) for many decades. I've done the online reading but curious to know how it applies to NZ. Has anyone used this system and what are the pros and cons of this system in NZ please.

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    Is the product BRANZ approved ? Could be hard to get a consent signed off if not.


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      Limited amount of contractors that know how to lay the blocks. The company that distributes the Ytong block provide a supply & lay price and used guys that didn't know what they were doing so had to fire all of them and sort out remaining block purchase with Ytong direct. Good product for thermal values etc., but just a nightmare to deal with here.

      Your Structural Engineer must know the product also.

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