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hello Newbie here, I have a question for you please

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  • hello Newbie here, I have a question for you please

    I have worked in a resthome and although I loved my old folk, I hated the way it is run and the way they treat not only staff but the residents so I left. I have had an idea, Why don't I move out of Auckland and move somewhere I could find a large property with an aging population around it and open up my home and take in just 2 or 3 able bodied pensioners as lodgers. That way they would not have to worry about being alone (perhaps spouse has just passed) cooking, cleaning or up keep of property or rates etc on the building, it would release their funds from property if they sell their house and use that money to cover their rent and to enjoy themselves on trips away and enjoying their lives before they die. Knowing they would be looked after and they would feel part of a home and family ( as much as they wanted to) and not just a name and number on a sticker on a door waiting to be peeled off.

    The question is this, what sort of red tape would I run into?

    would it be called a boarding house, B&B, lodging house? would they be flat mates or tenants? would I have to put in wheel chair access even though I would only want to take able bodied people without Dementia ( selection would be critical as all residents would have to get on), what are the rules about renting out 2 or 3 rooms in a house you own? Because I would be undertaking to look after and cook and clean for them would I be allowed to reflect this in the price as well? what sort of tax laws would I run into?

    With the aging population and the shortage of houses in many areas, this sort of set up would be perfect for freeing up large houses and blocks of land where the owners are just not able to look after them, but they themselves just dont want to give up all their independence and be institutionalized ....or is this just a nice day dream, me wanting to get out of the rat race and at the same time feel that I could really make a difference and maybe help some people reach the end of their time with dignity and grace.
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    Ill read up on Health and Disability Service (Safety) Act 2001.
    You cant just erect Rest homes.


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      Elderly boarders??


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        They sound like boarders. WINZ and IRD have rules round income from boarders. I think you could run into trouble if they stopped being able -bodied or -minded. You would not get government subsidies either.


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          It can be a real problem being elderly, needing health care, and not being close to medical professionals.

          The specialist says "That looks OK. Pop back next week and we'll check it again".

          Poping back is OK if you live in Auckland, but can be a two or three day mission if you happen to have moved to Kaeo, Whitianga or Waiheke.