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  • Caravan park 'outcasts'

    Western Park Village, in Ranui, West Auckland, has been ordered by Auckland Council to apply for permanent status consent for 23 long-term tenants who were no longer classified as "transient". Owner Darryll Heaven said the new guideline was "complete nonsense" and residents only stayed for extended periods because they had nowhere else to go.

    He said the park was home to a lot of disenfranchised and desperate people, including families who have been kicked out of government housing and were effectively "un-houseable". Despite wanting residents to be able to stay, he said the estimated $100,000 cost of applying for permanent status consent was not a viable option.

    Eviction notices were given to affected tenants earlier this month telling them they had 60 days to vacate the park. Heaven said it would put pressure on the council and Government to find accommodation for tenants.

    "We're quite happy to throw them out," he said. "But we're saying to the council: ‘You find them homes.' If they want to give us a list of houses these people can go to, then we're quite happy to comply with their silly demands."

    Auckland Council requirements are forcing terminally ill tenants out of their caravan park home.

    Great to see the council continuing to help raise rents.
    Capital Gains tax will fix it - yeah right.
    The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary - Fred Wilson.

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    This was also raised in the Rental WoF thread as an example of unintended consequences of (a) rent rises due to increased cost to landlords and (b) rentals removed from the market if they fail the WoF.


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      I very much like Mr Heavens's "**** you" to The Man. That should focus their attention. Well, you'd like to think it would.


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        Wonder how the Council is going to get out of that one?


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          Have another meeting...
          Order another report...
          Charge caravan owner some more fees (To be "Fair").
          The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary - Fred Wilson.