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Property Valuation - Henderson, recommendation?

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  • Property Valuation - Henderson, recommendation?

    Do you guys know a good property valuer for Henderson, Auckland Area?

    I brought my house in July 2013 and wanted to get it re-valuated so I can apply for revolving credit.
    My LVR is less than 0.8, but depending on how much my house appreciated, I might be able to borrow 60K-80K.

    Can I recycle my equity now? eventhough it only been 4 months?
    Or should I wait for after Xmas before I do the valuation?

    I bank with ANZ.
    Any advise/feedback/suggestion?


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    I work with Alan Kroes at Prendos - 0800 773636

    To be honest, you may struggle to get a valuer to sign off a higher valuation after 4 months, you may want to add lick of paint or something so you can tell the story that you bought the house added value over the holiday break.

    The ironic thing is that it may be best to switch lenders at the same time. The banks are keen to refinance other lenders loans plus ANZ will know the exact circumstances but another lender will not. A good mortgage broker I work with is Hamish at Mortgages online - 021 625 693 - he could arrange almost everything and I think ASB are still giving away new T'V's for new deals as a sweetener.


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      Thanks, i suspect that too.
      Perhaps wait 6 months?


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        Probably to get best value - also have a story of what you have improved to tell valuer and lender.