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  • Beyond belief

    I know that I could fairly have been called naiive a few times, but really, are people this clueless?

    My blog. From personal experience.

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    I think its more the environment in which all this happened........its sounds like to me the agent was proactive of selliing them an apartment as some sort of investment advisor.... went to their home etc.....Stupid I agree, but I can see how its panned out.


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      I would have thought that as they were trading as " City Investment Services Limited (CISL)" the name might have implied that they were investment "experts" (if such a thing exists). It is a poignant reminder that you need to take pretty much everything that is on marketing speel with a very large grain of salt.


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        "The couple paid $248,000 for the apartment, (2006) which they borrowed $253,500 to purchase.In 2010 the couple were incurring losses of about $11,000 a year and wanted to sell, but found it was by then worth only $143,000.
        The tribunal's decision said the property had since risen in value but was still worth considerably less than LJ Hooker's estimate of more than $300,000 after six years

        from the prices, presumably a 38m2, 2bd

        as of Nov2013 would sell for about $200,000 and rent for about $350pw
        (with tenant to pay an extra $25? for zest's individual water charges)
        have you defeated them?
        your demons


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          "Mrs Brown was fined $450. Under the law in force in 2006, the maximum fine is $750."

          I laughed.