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Chances of removal of a council owned tree?

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  • Chances of removal of a council owned tree?

    Hi there, I've been browsing the forums for a while and finally decided to register.

    There is a large tree opposite our house in Upper Hutt that completely blocks our sun from about 3.30pm in the summer, shading our entire entertaining area. It's a massive pain in the a$$.

    It's on the berm outside our neighbors house and I know that the tree is council responsibility, based on a quick conversation with a council employee (I'm still waiting for a callback from the person in charge of trees). I also know tress can be covered by protection orders etc, which can vary from council to council. I don't think it's native.

    I'm going to ask for the tree to be removed, or at the very least trimmed. I haven't spoken with the neighbor about this, but seeing as it's not their land I don't see a reason to, unless the council say yes it can be done, and then I'll let them know of my request.

    Having never dealt with the council for such matters before I'm wondering if anyone can shed light on the chances of them taking action?

    I know that if it was on my neighbors land, I could ask for it to be removed because it affects the enjoyment of my property. I'm just hoping the same rules apply to the council owned trees!


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    Well you'll find dealing with the council really great

    What sort of tree is it? Native, non-native?

    Not sure you can ask a neighbour to remove a tree just because it's shading your property.

    There's no immediate answer to your question. Just wait and speak to the council tree person and see what they say. They could say just about anything frankly.
    Squadly dinky do!


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      A chap in Auckland had a similar issue with a pine tree on One Tree Hill a few years back.
      After a few cracks with a chain saw, the tree seem to die (for some reason).


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        Same area – same problem, addressed to the CC.
        In my case 6m long branches over the boundary line killed everything in my front garden.
        CC inspected and was happy as it was. So I took off four branches (150mm in diameter) from this oak tree with the result that CC’s lawyer wrote to me, because I mutilated CC’s property.
        Now years later, the tree is still there, even taller and I cut off everything that crosses the boundary.


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          Is it disturbing the pavement? Someone obviously complained to Council about the olive tree outside my place and they chopped it down and replaced with an ugly tree pretty quickly.


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            Strong roots lifted up the food path, CC did some work and poured down a new concrete path, and I repair from time to time the pavement on my section.