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Auckland Super yacht marina?

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  • Auckland Super yacht marina?

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help with a couple of questions about Aucklands marinas.

    Are all the Auckland Marinas in one specific area?

    If someone was needing to live close to the main marina in Auckland where would they need to be looking? and lastly is there good transport to and from the marina area?

    Sorry if these questions sound dumb but I've never been to Auckland so have no clue.

    Thanks so much for any replies


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    The majority of super yachts live at the viaduct.
    A lot of places could be considered close.
    As far as distance it's obviously CBD, Herne Bay, Parnell etc.
    However all harbour ferries go to the Viaduct.
    So you can live, Devonport, Birkenhead, Bayswater, Hobsonville , Half Moon Bay, Waiheke and still have an easy commute to the yacht.

    As to your question on where other marinas are:

    Westhaven: largest, and main one downtown;
    Westharbour: Hobsonville (west);
    Half Moon Bay: Bucklands Beach (east);
    Bayswater : (lower north shore);
    Gulf Harbour: Whangaparoa Peninsula (north)
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      Google Maps mate.

      You can live in an apartment a hundred metres from your yacht if you want, at the Viaduct Basin.
      Squadly dinky do!


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        thanks for that info Davo and speightsboy much appreciated

        My Son is heading to Auckland to try to get a job crewing on a super yacht he's done the Polytec course now comes the hard part of getting that first job.

        He will need to walk the docks and get some day work paid or unpaid just trying to get his name and face out there.

        I kind of feel it may be a pipe dream but he's young and keen and others have done it before him so we feel we have to support him in this.

        cheers and thanks alot


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          It certainly can be done - a friend of mine from school days is a Captain on a 40 metre monster, over here in the Med. The salary is very very good and the lifestyle is not dull that's for sure.

          The one thing he does say is that he had to work on some pretty bad boats with some rubbish owners, before finding a good one, so tell him not to get too disheartened early on.

          To push through the ranks it certainly helps if he has a good practical/engineer/mechanical skillset
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            Thanks revdev for the heads up, I get alot of sceptical comments when I talk about what my son is wanting to do.
            I also worry a bit about him heading off into uncertain waters so to speak

            He has around $3000 so hoping he can find a backpackers close to the marina so he can go down every day and get to work.

            He is willing to work for free to get some experience he reckons he might be lucky enough to pick up a crewing position on a delivery as this seems to be one way of getting experience without the owners having to pay for him but he needs to go soon because the yachts will be starting to leave Auckland for other destinations. If he can't get anything here he will try Cairns but at this stage can't afford to head to Europe and take pot luck over there.

            He's booked in for his seafarers medical (ENG1) next week so he will be all set to go.

            If your mate is ever looking for a keen 20 year old who is a quick learner and a hard worker with an awesome personality please let me know as it seems in this line of work it's not what you know but who you know and sometimes it's just luck being in the right place at the right time.

            It feels a bit shameful to actively promote him here but you never know who knows who knows who



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              Tell him to go to / get in touch with the sailing clubs - he may get a delivery trip through them, my partner and his family have all done a few of these, as have a lot of people in the yacht club here.

              Even if he can get in touch with some of the clubs in other regions (most have magazines / email outs) US dollar is good so maybe some bargains to be had over there but pretty sure the market isn't real buoyant at the moment.

              Also is he aware of http://www.crew.org.nz/


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                Thanks Maccachic thats useful info.

                He's had a look at the crew.org website and is getting some good info from the forums thanks for the link

                He didn't know about the sailing clubs doing deliveries so thats another line of enquiry he can look into.

                Thanks to everyone for the replys, both Matt and I appreciate it.

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