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  • Soosh's NZ Stakeout


    DAY 1

    Tuesday Novemeber 11th 2003


    Plane: Qantas 737
    Sardine Class

    Pilot: "Welcome for flying Qantas this evening. We're glad to have you aboard..... (yada yada yada) For queasiness after dinner, on this turbulent flight, please locate the paperbag in the front pocket, but first please make sure your seatbelt is fastened tightly across your lap and that your luggage is secured in the overhead lockers. There is no smoking on this flight. There will be some tail winds as we head into Wellington".

    Two hours into the flight, me yacking away to the men next to me... I put on the call button to attract the airhosty... Hostess "Whatya want" (all done with an atractive "If looks could kill" glare at me)
    Me "Look, I'm a bit short, could you pass me my bag from the overhead compartment, so I can get my passport out to fill in this immigration card?"

    (Okay, mental note "Don't ask hosty hostess for anything")

    Thankfully the dinner was nothing short of delectable! It was so yummy, I was tempted to ask for more.

    By the way those tail winds was something else! I was ready to get the lifejacket out and look for the nearest exit. :mrgreen: The pilot dropped altitude so quickly that I couldn't presurize and my ears had the biggest squeaze I've ever had. Worse than scuba diving to 50m. Even the hosty hostess was moving her jaw in a cow like action :P It took about 10 minutes before I was able to pressurize and in the mean time, I thought I was going to go nutz!

    Okay, so I made it to Wellington, where I was picked up by my friends father. .... They have such beautiful views of the harbour from their house, which they had so beautifully renovated with love. It was really special.

    Day 2 12th November 2003

    Today I became a Reiki Master. Part reason of my trip was to do something 'out of the ordinary'. This is what I accomplished thanks to the wonderful support of my friends.
    I was shown around beautiful Wellington with the sea on one side and Mt Victoria on the other.

    We went out for Chinese, and after we came out, it was night and I was blown away both by the Wellington Winds and by the brilliant sky in varying shades of navy and royal blue. In all my travels I've never seen anything like it.

    I know you all want me to talk about property, but that began on Thursday... so you will all have to wait till tomorrow

    Stay tuned for the next installment..

    Positive breeds Positives!

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    Day 2

    Soosh's NZ Stakeout cont....

    DAY 3

    Thursday 13th November 2003

    It was a cloudy, windy and gray Wellington Day (similar to a Melbourne day) and after filling up with petrol and getting some money Xchanged we headed off on STATE HWY 1, hoping to get to Foxton by mid afternoon and end up in Palmerston Nth for the night. Well as it turned out, Foxton is where we went and were we decided to stay for the evening.

    From my travel diary

    We went to Foxton Beach after deciding going straight to Foxton was a better idea than heading into Paraparaumu. The goal is +ve cash flow property. Paraparumu has had enormous cap growth, and there is very little quality props on the market from doing my research prior to going.
    On the way to Foxton, we stopped into a realtor in Levin. She was a savvy RE, who didn't have much to show us in our price range... It seems they are all suffering a listing drought after such a buying frenzy. Levin seem'd like a busy place during the week. Gosh NZ is beautiful!
    We had minestrone soup in Lindale, and I bought some sugar free candy (got to watch the waistline) and some olives from the little cottage shops next door to the cafe. It was a lovely spot, and I could have spent more time there... but the goal was property!!!
    Finally we got to Foxton and headed for the 'Laughing Fox' (LF) cafe. where we had afternoon tea. I rang up a RE whom I'd made contact with prior to leaving home, and invited her to meet us for coffee at the LF so we could chat. Ten minutes later the RE met up with us. We chatted about Foxton, what was happening in the town and what the market was like. Man...talk about buying frenzy!!! Foxton is a lovely place. It has it's own shopping strip, 4 Real Estate agencies(!!!) a windmill in town centre, the beach an estuary. This is the next Paraparumu.
    The RE showed us 4 houses. All good deals, but I can't do them all so I call up those on my buying list and hand them some deals... their excited. It's great! This way eveyone gets a win-win. Although the yeilds are lower, this place is set for cap growth,which it has been achieving at present and the blocks are large and can be subdivided. They still have the 'bach' mentality though... Good to keep in mind.
    One of the deals was a pull over and subdivide and put two new props up on each title. Easy 100K in the deal as icing on top. Another is a great property with nothing to do, also has subdivision plans drawn up. Another has views and cannot be built out.... huge block, easy subdivide and put 2 townhouses on it, to catch the views.... I think RE mentioned that they were planning a park for across the road....I'm so excited....

    We then decided (as it was getting late) to look for somewhere to stay. Unfortunately the old Manawatu Hotel (I think it was called) had a fire, so it was shut...but luckily the RE told us of another RE who'd set up a backpackers at her home, across from the estuary. We couldn't remember exactly where she'd pointed to, so we went into Balmy's Cafe for dinner and we ordered, because it was already like 7:30pm (NZ time). We left our gear at the cafe and went in search of the backpacker place, after getting guidance from the other RE... so nice of her.
    We met Lyn who was lovely and charged us $15 per person per night. WOW!!! I can't even get a manicure for that!!! This is the first time every for me in a backpackers!!!
    She had a little hut for 2 people, 1 single room and 1 double bed (my bed for the evening....ahhh bliss !) and a kitchenette. Anyway, we paid our money and went back to eat dinner....which was a big scrumpcious meal...
    We rang the RE we had dealt with and asked her to get us in to see some of the properties we couldn't see the inside of because they were tenented. We'd see these in the morning (afternoon!) We headed back to Lyn's Back Packers.

    Lyn had invited us to talk property...but we decided to get an early night... (or early morning as it turned out :P ) and we'd chat with her in the morning...


    Stay tuned....
    Tomorrow.... Foxton more.... Bulls, Wanganui.... met up with some forumites....

    Positive breeds Positives!