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Pros & Cons of Different Locations & Types of PPORs

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  • Pros & Cons of Different Locations & Types of PPORs

    We live on a bush clad section of around 1600 sqm in West Auckland. I like not having neighbours on 3 sides, but it does take quite a lot of maintenance.

    I'm always unblocking drains, trimming back trees, picking up leaves off the drive and lawns etc. And maintaining a sloping section takes much more work than a flat one - something I didn't realise until we bought here. I love the place so we wont' be leaving in a hurry but I do think that later on when our kids are grown up a nice apartment right in town would be really cool. Being able to walk to the dairy even, would be great. And catching up with friends etc. would be so much easier.

    With an apartment, all you'd have to do is a bit of vacuuming, cleaning toilets/bathrooms. Could all be done in a couple of hours a week I imagine.
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    Having just bought a PPOR with a sloping section (amongst the wild bush in Northcote Point!) I'm curious about what the sloping section requires over and above the flat section. So far it seems relatively simple to me, but I'm willing to be educated...


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      are you at the top of the slope?

      how's your water runoff

      better to be at the top of a ridge

      than the bottom of a valley

      that kind of thing
      have you defeated them?
      your demons


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        Kyotolaw, well with our section we mow quite a bit of it, in and aroudn the trees, and it has to be done with a weedeater and not a lawnmower for a start. And I need 2-3 days of fine weather before I can do that, otherwise I'm sliding all over the place.

        Secondly, everything just kind of rolls away down the hill when you put it down. So to put a bucket down, I have to find a flat spot, otherwise it ends up on the road. We are above the road.

        And then there's just the physical exertion of it. Dragging a big full green wheelie bin up our drive is quite a workout. Even just walking up and down to get tools etc. is a lot of exercise. Our drive is around 100m long.

        Also trimming trees can be harder because on one side of the tree it's 3m, on the other side it's like 5m. It's not like mountainous, but it's a 25 to 30 degree slope.

        And we do get a fair bit of water coming through from higher up on the hill. We have 2 little water falls. So I have to keep an eye on these to make sure they don't block up with leaves etc.

        Our 2 year old loves standing on the deck and throwing a ball over and looking at us...
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          Well, we have a 650m section which is mainly bush when its not house. Trimming trees is something we've done a bit of, but we had some help to cut back a lot of the trees near the house the first time.

          We are below the road, and although there are steep bits (particularly from the road to the bottom of the house - after the house its less steep) it doesn't seem like I couldn't find a place to put a bucket down...

          Fortunately also, the garage is at the road level too. But getting a wheelbarrow from the bottom of the property to the top is some hard work! Fortunately I could use the exercise...

          We have a three storey high deck which will be very tempting for our 2 year old...

          Is yours a pole house too?

          Hmm - Maybe this needs to be a new thread.


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            I'll organise a new thread...as I too want to contribute to this discussion which is off topic etc.


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              Ours is a pole house. Built around 93-95. Cedar cladding. 3 levels, and the section is steep enough that each level is at ground level at some point, if you know what I mean.

              It is very good exercise just walking up and down the section. Yeah pushing wheelbarrows, carrying wood, bins etc. is real hard work. So while I'm still fairly young this is totally fine.

              But later, when I'm say 60 I won't want to be doing this. And then I'd like to be in a nice big spacious apartment, with built in book shelves etc.
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